About Me

Hi there, thanks for visiting!

I’m a qualified nutritionist with a BSc (hons) in Biomedical Sciences who also happens to be a cycling fanatic, rambler and runner (just an all-round outdoors person I guess!).  I love food, I love cycling and keeping fit, and I love finding ways to fuel my rides, runs and walks with healthy food and improve my strength, stamina and speed with cross-training.

I ride a GT Transeo 3.0 Ladies 2014 hybrid for my main leisure/commuter bike, and a second-hand Rayleigh Oakland vintage/city bike for shopping/local trips.

Maybe you’re curious about the name of this blog?  Well, all this exercise makes a girl kinda hungry, my bike has spokes, and through my cycle campaigning I consider myself somewhat of a spokeswoman for women who ride.

I hope to share stories of my rides, discoveries of food to fuel an active life, and ideas on how to cross-train to be a better cyclist, sprinkled with news on cycle campaigns.

GT Transeo 3.0 Ladies 2014


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